The New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a spring banquet at the Jin Mao Restaurant on April 10th, 2015, at 6 pm to celebrate the establishment of the Junior Chamber of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York.
President Ho Kew Lee said in his speech, “After the New York Chinese General
The board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce passed and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New York was formally established [China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Commerce]. The purpose of the Ministry of Commerce is to provide young people with opportunities to promote personal growth and develop leadership and management skills. The Ministry encourages young people to participate actively, and develop social responsibility. “Serving the crowd, training yourself” is the highest ideal for young businessmen, and the Youth Business Department is encouraging young people.”

Society, creating a career, and carrying forward outstanding achievements are also very important. Chairman Justin Yu also said that the Junior Chamber will bring more of these such opportunities to more young people.
Li Jinzhi, chairman of the Third Community Committee, is the founding director of the Qinghai Department of Commerce. She said that she will promote the future.
Enter and cooperate with the cooperation project between the Qingshang Department and the Third Community Committee. Congressman Ms. Meng Zhaowen, Manhattan High Steps District Mayor, City Councillors Gu Yaming, Chen Qianwen, Rhode Island Chinese Governor Candidate Alan Allen, New York State Republican Party Chairman Ke Shi and so on.